Workshop Proposals

Each Institute is focused on a specific theme unique to the location and year. Workshops are determined based on that theme and are often connected to place based opportunities surrounding the host school. Half day pre-conference workshops and core workshops are determined in February/March of the year prior to the Institute. If you are interested in being considered to run a workshop please email details about yourself and your topic of interest to [email protected] no later than March 1st.

Another (most common way) for attendees to present is during our very popular Model Programs & Practices "Show and Tell" workshop. If you or your school/organization has a program, or practice that other independent school experiential educators would benefit from learning about, please consider offering your expertise during this dynamic and interactive workshop. As a "show and teller" you will be set up at a table to share details of your topic with interested fellow attendees during four, 15-minute rotations. You would present three times, and have one free "block" to go hear another presentation. Sample topic ideas might include: outdoor leadership curricula, global education debriefs, sample field manuals, student evaluation/assessment models, integrated curriculum, success stories of developing experiential curriculum with classroom teachers, etc., etc. If you are interested in submitting a presentation for consideration you will have the opportunity to do this when you register for the Institute.

If you have any questions regarding workshop proposals please contact us.