ISEEN Online 2020

Summer Teacher Institute on Experiential Education Pedagogy

June 15, 2020 – June 26, 2020

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About the Summer Institute

The ISEEN Summer Teacher Institutes fuses rigorous academic work with deep thinking about the cognitive learning process through the experiential learning cycle. 

The 10-day online course will focus on:

Curriculum Development and Coaching Through discipline-specific, small group cohorts, participants will be given the time to develop and receive feedback on curriculum and assessments that can be put to immediate use in their classrooms. Led by experts in their field, facilitators help participants rethink assessment, learn new tools from colleagues, and broaden perspectives through immersive, experiential, and practical workshops.

Institute Objectives

Participants will leave the Institute with the following:

  1. An understanding of the theory and pedagogy of experiential education and how it relates to academic rigor, student engagement, and classroom enhancement.
  2. Learning how to apply and integrate experiential education pedagogy into the classroom.
  3. Access to extensive resources relevant to their discipline, the opportunity to learn through an experiential education lesson in practice, taking advantage of the resources available online, along with time to work individually and collaboratively with like-minded peers to design/develop curricula and assessments that can be put to immediate use in their classroom.
  4. A network of colleagues with whom they can connect throughout the year, share ideas for curriculum, instruction and assessment.
  5. Time to develop and receive feedback on curriculum that can be implemented in their classrooms.
  6. A better understanding of the more integrated role experiential education can play in the entire school culture.


ISEEN is an international learning laboratory and networking opportunity through which independent school
experiential educators, administrators, and classroom teachers can share their challenges and successes,
learn of and from model programs, and explore the developing role of experiential practices within our
educational communities.

“Experiential educators empower active student learning through inquiry, reflection, authentic experiences, and
connection to future learning opportunities.”

Schedule at a Glance

10 Days Organized into Three 4-day Units
June 15 – June 18

Unit one focuses on developing an understanding of experiential education, both theoretical and practical (Kolb cycle, history, pedagogy, uses, etc.)

June 19 – June 22

Unit two focuses on strategies for application in the classroom (rethinking assessment, new
tools and practices)

June 23 – 26 Unit three focuses on the development of the lesson, coaching, presenting a lesson, and feedback
*Each unit will build on the previous to culminate in the development of an experiential lesson plan.

Daily Synchronous Time
Mornings 8:00 AM PT/11:00 AM ET 60-80 minutes (will be scheduled for group and individual sessions with participants)

Asynchronous Time
Walking, readings, projects, reflections, providing feedback approximtely 2-3 hours a day 


The curriculum will be a mix of large, medium, and smaller group synchronous time, with independent projects, paired work, and 1:1 coaching throughout the course. If allowed, place-based learning will be a priority and course participants will explore their own communities with new eyes. The daily schedule will be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous time

One synchronous session a day 60–80 minutes will either be: 

  1. Full group workshops
  2. Coaching - one-one with a facilitator 
  3. Smaller group work

Asynchronous work includes: 

  • Reading
  • Projects
  • Reflections
  • Providing feedback
  • Walks


Cost: $500/person

Registration is now closed. Please join us for our next event!