ISEEN Programs

Winter Institute
Established in 2005, the Winter Institute is specifically geared to those working within independent school experiential education programs (outdoor/adventure education, global education, service learning, student leadership, and sustainability programs) and school leaders. The Institute provides the opportunity to gather and discuss topics relevant to our programs, our schools, and our future.

Summer Teacher Institute
Established in 2015, the "Summer Teacher Institute: Experiential Education Pedagogy and Practice” is designed for independent school classroom teachers. The Institute provides an understanding of how experiential education pedagogy and practice can help enhance their academic curricula and classrooms

Global Institute
ISEEN’s inaugural Global Institute will take place in the Asia-Pacific Region in partnership with Chadwick International in October 2021. The Institute will serve independent and international school faculty all around the region (and beyond) to gain a foundation in experiential education, explore what ExEd means within the local culture and gain tools to bring back to home schools.

Regional Expeditions
Regional expeditions launched in 2018 as smaller, more intimate opportunities for experiential educators to immerse themselves within a model experiential education program and connect with other experiential educators in the region.