Sample Workshops

At each ISEEN Institute there is specific time dedicated to large group workshops, focusing on the inclusive nature of all of our work as experiential educators at our schools, as well as time for specialization groups (outdoor education, service learning, global education, and sustainability) to discuss unique issues. Each institute also provides time for a presentation by the students of the host school, sharing their perspectives on experiential education.


  • Rethinking  Schools: Changing the culture of an independent school through a  commitment to character, grit, an openness to failure, and design  thinking" (Dominic Randolph, Riverdale Country School)
  • “Taking Leadreship of Your Student Leadership Program” (Ted Fish, Gardner Carney Leadership Institute)
  • "Talking Your Walk: Understanding the theory around experiential education  practice and how to connect it in conversation with various stakeholders" (Jessie Barrie, Albuquerque Academy)
  • "Best practices for integrating experiential education into your school's day to day curriculum, culture, and community" (Dan Garvey, Prescott  College & Dick Prouty & Larry Childs, Project Adventure)
  • “Experiential Education and the College Admissions Process” (Jessie Royce Hill, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions, Yale University)
  • "Extending Beyond the Classroom: Transforming a School Through Integrated Experiential Education" (Sara Mierke, Hawken School)
  • “Working effectively with students and families of diverse backgrounds” (Angelou C. Ezeilo, Greening Youth Foundation)
  • “Service Learning Connections through Experiential Education” (Leitzel Shoene, Westminster Schools)
  • “No Child Left Inside: The Role of Experiential Education” (Martin LeBlanc, Sierra Club and Child and Nature Network)
  • “Integrating academic curriculum within adventure curriculum and programs” (Chris Barnes, High Mountain Institute)
  • “Creating school wide buy in and involvement for your experiential education program” (Jim Brady, Santa Barbara Middle School)
  • “Inspiring and motivating the next generation to tackle sustainability issues” (Dan Garvey, Prescott College)
  • “How to communicate with your headmaster to best operate and grow your experiential education program” (Andy Watson, Albuquerque Academy)
  • “Creativity in Your Career” (Dan Garvey, Prescott College)
  • “Creating a sustainable dining program at your school” (Gary Giverson and Josh Hahn, Lawrenceville School and Bridging Sustainability)
  • “Creative timetabling for maximizing experiential education contact time” (Judy Ross, St. Mildred’s Lightborne School)
  • “Legal issues in mandatory and elective programs” (Reb Gregg, Reb Gregg Law)
  • “Humanistic risk management model for experiential programs” (Sky Gray, Santa Fe Mountain Centre).