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During the 2020-21 school year, the global Covid pandemic required us to pivot and create online offerings to stay connected and provide education and support. To connect around learning and living during these times, we developed ISEEN Online.

Since then ISEEN Online has evolved into a vibrant community of educators and school administrators committed to revolutionizing the future of education. It has become a virtual meeting space during which folks grow and support one another and help one another thrive.

ISEEN’s most powerful asset has always been the people - this is how we stay connected throughout the year and in between our in-person events.



Professional Affinity Groups:
Monthly cohorts led by experienced facilitators to share learning and resources throughout the school year.

  1. Leading School Change
  2. Environmental Leadership
  3. Global and Community Engagement for Social Justice
  4. Transformational Teaching & Learning

Identity Affinity Groups: 

  1. BIPOC Experiential Educators
  2. White Anti-Racist and Co-conspirators

Workshops and Webinars 
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Members DEI Book Club (no cost for members) 

*The webinars & cohorts are fee based with a discount for ISEEN members. 


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