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Monthly Professional Affinity Group Sessions (PAG)

One of the biggest successes at ISEEN since Covid forced the world to reorient itself have been our monthly Professional Affinity Groups. During the days of remote teaching and staying at home, they served as a meeting place for educators taking on a once in a career challenge; since then they have transformed into a virtual space in which colleagues find inspiration, challenge, and camaraderie as they get back to the work of revolutionizing the future of education.

For the 2022-23 school year ISEEN is launching a refresh of these groups based on feedback from participants and facilitators. This year there will be four Professional Affinity Groups based on a fellowship model - with stated goals and timely check-ins resulting in year-end presentations. Participants are advised to select only one professional affinity group. You may also select an identity affinity group to join.   

Each group is led by leaders in the field; master facilitators or teachers in each specific educational sphere who will bring in expertise and diverse perspectives to the conversation.

What will I get out of this? 

By the end of the year (September through April), you will have identified and thoroughly explored an issue specifically relevant to your professional setting.  Along the way you will receive feedback, support and constructive challenges from a diverse group of peers.  You will give as much as you receive and as a result will grow both as an educator and a student. 

Sessions will be structured with an agenda, opportunities for resource sharing, and dedicated time for each participant to report on progress toward stated goals.  On occasion, facilitators will invite guest speakers to add additional viewpoints and support.

Affinity Group Pricing 

  Leadership Circle Members Members  Non-Members
Professional Affinity Groups 
NEW (Pro-rated starting November 29)
FREE $90 per person

$118 for the remainder of the year

Identity Affinity Group 
Every other month starting in September
FREE $90 per person $120 per person
Identity Affinity Group
NEW (Pro-rated starting November 29)
FREE $45 per person $90 per person

Professional Affinity Groups (meets monthly) 
The 2022-2023 kick-off will be at the end of September. Subsequent dates listed below. 

1. Leading School Change
Designed for Experiential Education directors and school leaders involved in shifting/leading culture change.

Facilitators: Elizabeth Pillsbury (top L) and Phu Tranchi

Dates & Time: Tuesdays 7:30 pm ET / 4:30 pm PT
September 27, October 25, November 29
December 13, January 10, February 7
March 7, April 4, May 9

2. Environmental Leadership
Designed for sustainability, outdoor ed & student leadership professionals.

Facilitators: Olivia Tandon (top L)  and Nick DePreter

Dates & Time: Mondays 7:00 pm ET / 4:00 pm PT
September 27*October 17, November 21
December 12, January 23, February 27
March 27, April 17

*first meeting will be on Tuesday 9/27 and Mondays following. 

3. Global and Community Engagement for Social Justice
Designed for professionals engaged in global and local efforts to make the world more just through service and cultural immersion.

Facilitators: Dr. Karina J Baum & Sarah McLean

Dates & Time: Mondays* 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PST
October 4*, October 31, November 28
December 5, January 30, February 27
March 27, April 24, May 15

*first meeting will be on Tuesday, October 4 and Mondays following. 
Jeremy L. Goldstein (@JL_GOLDSTEIN) / Twitter 4. Transformational Teaching & Learning
Designed for classroom teachers and professionals engaged in curriculum design and implementation.

Facilitator: Jeremy Goldstein

Dates & Time: Mondays 5:00 pm ET / 2:00 pm PT
October 17, December 12
January 23, February 13, March 27
April 24, May 22

5. NEW! Student Leadership Professional Affinity Group 
Designed for people who want to explore how to create opportunities to help our student leaders learn and practice the skills of leadership.

Facilitators: Meg Anderson-Johnston & Jennifer Tory

Dates & Times: 3:30 PM PT/6:30 PM ET 
Mondays: February 13, March 20, April 17 and May 15

Identity Affinity Groups (meet every other month)
At ISEEN, we are committed to creating an equitable world and that begins with ourselves and our organization. To that end, this year we are offering Identity Affinity Groups as a place for people to connect, heal, learn, and build community.
BIPOC Experiential Educators
Designed for Experiential Education professionals who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to gather in community for support and idea sharing.

Facilitators: Montana Vasquez-Grinnell (top) and  Leila Bailey-Stewart

Dates & Time:
Wednesdays 7:00 pm ET / 4:00 pm PT
September 28, November 30
January 25, March 29, May 31

This bi-monthly online session is a space for BIPOC experiential educators to find community with like-minded educators with diverse life experiences. Facilitated by ISEEN leaders, Montana Vasquez-Grinnell and Leila Bailey-Stewart , the cohort will delve into issues relevant to BIPOC independent school educators who are committed to outdoor education, global education, DEI, sustainability, student leadership, community engagement, and social justice.

White Anti-Racist Co-conspirators 
Designed for white educators and allies to reflect on actively embracing anti-racism work at their institutions and beyond.

Facilitator: Drea Gallaga

Dates and Time:
Tuesdays 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT
October 11, December 13
January 24, March 14, May 9

This bi-monthly online session is for white experiential educators who want to explore, develop, and practice their anti-racism skills. We will create a space where we can share experiences vulnerably, make mistakes without burdening our BIPOC colleagues, and hold each other accountable to our own values.